flowingtears-oldОт доста време не бях поствал текст на песен, сега като гледам :Д

Welcome my friend, you’re in the eye of the storm
Pray for the world descends and the serpents are born
And we thought Jesus felt regret
Break down my friend, awake when Morpheus calls
In trance we await the end of fear the white off the walls
Now let’s pretend the world is dead
And Judas better stayed in bed

And when the night calls, we’re all the same
Drown our souls in neon rain
And when the night comes, relieve the pain
Drown us all in neon reign

Welcome my friend, the burning bridges are torn
The ashes of firmaments will pour down at dawn
And then the fire leads our hands
And Judas left the promised land
God’s creations, a dead nation
Hail sedation!
Diabolic, and robotic
Hail narcotic!

Tell me my friend, is that the price for the kill?
Some witness the earth in flames, and some never will
Now we make nemesis undone
And face the barrel of a gun