От много време не бях слушал първия албум на норвежците, който по мое мнение е един от най-добрите им и сигурно никога няма да достигнат до толкова висок емоционален заряд колкото в All The Beauty. Още повече, че концептуалният албум е подкрепен с дълга и подробна история, която си спомням как навремето си играх да набирам от оригиналната обложка на албума :Д И сега, като си го припомням, отново ме обхващат едни спомени за времето, когато го слушах почти нонстоп… Ех, хубави времена бяха преди 6 години 🙂

Иначе eто и самата история, която можете да прочетете на mortallove.hit.bg
В дъното даже седи стария ми ник. Така и не седнах да напиша текста от втория албум…. Но той и без това не беше толкова интересен и емоционален като този.


The sun slowly broke through the clouds and the singing of the birds reappeared the day I met your beautiful self… It is like your face holds some kind of magic over my eyes. I cannot look away. How come I have never seen you before? I believe this night forever will be etched into my memory. Your beautiful long dark hair, slightly covering your eyes like clouds. But your eyes have stars in them, and they shine radiantly through. I immediately want to embrace you and let our bodies interwine in a sea of passion. I want us to give ourselves to each other completely. Your perfectly aligned body gives you an alluring yet shy posture. I can only imagine what the rest of your beautiful body will reveal. I’m dying to hear your innermost thoughts, and discover your secret desires. As you stand right in front of me, I cannot hear a sound. I cannot see anything else. There is only you. You are the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I know in this instant that if you would be my dearly beloved. I will do anything to make you happy. Driven by an urge I have never felt before. I know I will conquer my fear of commitment. When you speak to me, your words come out silent. I can see that you are all I ever dreamt of. All the beauty I have seen in this world, pales in comparison to you. I cherish every minute of time I spend with you. I am madly in love. The suns seems to dance around your smile. And the wind plays with your hair, only for me to see. When you look at me all my secrets and thoughts are laid bare for you. I want to give you everything. You hide my love gently in your palm and kiss me passionately. I crave your love as I feel your heartbeat rising up through your body. Holding my breath when you look at me, holding my heart when you talk to me. I am so proud to be your beloved. You make me feel safe and attend all my needs. “I will crawl into your mind”, you say, so you can feel my desires better. I promise you to stay faithful , honest and forever yours. We burn for each other, and long for each other whenever we are apart. It’s like a dream.

As the sun gently burns my skin, the days seem to float by like a beautiful dream with you by my side… I am convinced we belong together. You are my first priority. I support you in every situation, and spend whatever amount of time you wish, with you. Two hearts beat as one, we have become one. Your beauty is overwhelming, you make me so happy. Our mutual respect makes our love so strong. I give you all my love, and I will love you forever. With you in my life I am happy about everything. No one can ever love you more than I do, my beautiful one. You are the most important thing in my life. I want to spend the rest of my time with you. Lying in the warm grass, gently running my fingers through your hair as your scent fills me. You are all I ever wanted. I had never experienced true happiness until I met you. My heart belongs to you, sweet angel. I feel so blessed with you in my life, you are stellar. My life first started when I met your beautiful self and your good heart. You fill me with joy. You are worth living for, and worth dying for. I don’t think I will ever experience a pleasure greater than this. Only someone like you can fill all my senses. I am falling for you. I crave your confirmation that my love is enough. Love me, like I love you. Our love will last forever. Kiss me when I kiss you, touch me when I touch you. Tell me I’m everything to you. The mere sounds of your voice makes me tremble. Every day with you is a sunny day, you grace me with your paradise. With you everything seems possible. You are the very light of my life, and without you I have nothing to live for. Your beautiful velvet skin fills my dreams every minute of sleep; your angel eyes are in my thoughts every waking hour. I love each second I spend with you. But you have been so busy lately. I guess you just have a lot on your mind. Because our love is as strong as ever, right? You just have a lot to do these days, right? Am I right?

As the rain pours down, darkness is gathering around me. The leaves fall to the ground, never to blossom again… I am frantically trying to convince myself that the fire in your eyes is still there. But I cannot pretend anymore. For each day gone by my smile has withered deeper and deeper into oblivion. But the fire in your eyes reappers whenever your look drifts away, as if you are dreaming. Why? I do not understand. I am so afraid of you leaving. Sometimes when I try to call you, my fear makes me choke and I cannot make a sound. It is tearing me apart. Please jist give me a sign, something to indicate that you still love me. Every second without you feels like an eternity. It hurts so much. The Pain feels unbearable. When I am alone I just sit in the dark fighting the tears, listening to the silence screaming at me. Please let me into your life again. I need to feel your love, I need to feel you body again. I long to caress your naked body, to kiss every inch of your skin. What can I do to win your love back? I can tell your mind is elsewhere. Who is the one you talk about so passionately? It is as someone else is in your life. But that cannot be true. I know that it cannot be true. It has been a long hard night. I have seen night turn to day, but time has almost stood still. Never have I felt happiness so far away. I hate to feel this pain breeding in me. I can tell the signs are growing stronger, and my frustration is growing deeper. Our union has become weak, hope is all I have left. But you should be honest and follow your heart. Let your heart decide. I know that the bridges between us have been burnt. But if we find it back together, these tings can be mended. Still I believe we will make it. That we soon will be back in the sun where we belong. When you told me today that your feeling for me were not strong enough anymore, I could not stop thinking of the first time I talked to you. I was paralysed, and saw nothing else. All I could see was your lips moving. My mind and body went completely numb. You say that our break-up is sad, I say it is disastrous. It hurts so much having to hide my feelings from the person I love the most in this world. I have cried and cried, but there are not enough tears in this world to cover the loss of you. My self-esteem disappears completely as you now choose to leave me for someone else. I am scared of the loneliness. And it kills me to see you with someone else. It feels like a knife thrust into my heart. Let me say it again, like a knife thrust into my heart. Try to picture it. Picture it again. Taste the sensation, imagine the pain. With me, it will not let go. I cry for you. I miss you my dearest and I hope I will wake up from this horrible nightmare. I cry myself to sleep every night as anxiety grips me, and nothingness continues to grow. I hear the rain falling outside , heaven is crying and leaving its tears on my window. Or is it all in my head, I do not know. Sometimes I just stand out in the rain, thinking of you. And in my dream you invite me in, but the door is always closed. I feel you slip away. My heart belongs to you but now it is broken and worthless. Forsaken. Bewildered. I am lost, and the emptiness is what embraces me, for the loss of you I am too tired for this life. Our love burnt so bright, but too fast. Release my heart sweet angel of mine. Without you in my life there is nothing left. I am dying to escape. I have cried a tear for every day you were not here – but I am running empty.

As the snow gently paints nature white, I am frozen to the core. The cold, white silence seems to invite me in… I have not had a good night’s sleep since you left. I have cried myself to sleep every night. I have lost interest in absolutely everything. It is painful to be alive, it is like a job I am doing against my will. All I need is my big sleep. We have touched for the last time. You are long gone, in love with someone else. I now fear nothing but life itself. And I have learned that living is just a slow way to die. I do not believe in life, or in love anymore. My heart wants to believe that there is true love somewhere, but all my experience tells me otherwise. I envy those who think life is worth living. I myself, feel nothing but resignation. The joy I feel are joys of the emptiness. I hate my self for loving you. But no one but me can be blamed for my actions. Anxiety will not let go of me. I can no longer see any other way out. I have to get rid of these unbearable feelings. They have been with me for too long now. It is up to me. I’m not afraid to die. I am afraid to live. I am afraid of being afraid. What I fear the most is a life in loneliness, and this feeling will not let go. I know I am not alone, but every night this feeling sneaks into my mind. The fear I feel night after night has developed into a disease. No one can see the emptyness in my eyes. To escape life itself now seems the only solution. With relief I look forward to letting go of the pain. Finally there is peace in my soul. To lie dead without a concern. Without a tear. You own my heart, and life withiut you is so immensely painful. Just to think of you, talk about you, dream of you, makes tears stream down my face. I cannot imagine happiness without your beautiful smile, your angelic face, your wonderful body and your good heart. You are everything, I am nothing. I want to die but really, I am already dead. Never again will I be someone’s mortally beloved. Finally I have realized that you did not love me the way I wanted. I would be wrong to force a love that does not exist. You are truly a good person, and I hope you will have a good life. I thank you for everything. We have shared joys and sorrows, we have laughed and cried together. I have been lucky. Thank you for leaving, I now see the darkness so much clearer. Wherever you are, whomever you are with, you are always in my dreams. In heaven where we belong together. This is the end. I am going. I am leaving now. Good-bye…