Deus Ex: The Fall
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Година на издаване: 2014
Платформа: Steam (PC)
Жанрове: Action Adventure RPG
Степен на сложност: 0/10
Брой постижения/трофеи: 28
Отключени: 0
Процент: 0%

Име: Smashing Entrance
Описание: Perform a Takedown through a wall.
Име: Double Trouble
Описание: Perform a double Takedown.
Име: Unstoppable
Описание: Destroy a locked door.
Име: Scavenger
Описание: Collect 2000 credits hidden in the world.
Име: Smackdown
Описание: Perform 25 Takedowns.
Име: Hack the Planet
Описание: Successfully hack 10 devices without using an Auto-Hack.
Име: One Shot, One Kill
Описание: Perform a headshot on an enemy with the crossbow.
Име: Bomb Squad
Описание: Disarm a mine.
Име: Not So Human After All
Описание: Spend 20 praxis points on Augmentations.
Име: Crunch Time
Описание: Eat 25 energy bars.
Име: Unlock the Power
Описание: Purchase 10 praxis kits.
Име: It's Over 9000!
Описание: Spend 9001 credits in the store.
Име: Stopping Power
Описание: Fully upgrade the damage of any shotgun.
Име: Bye Bye, Big Brother
Описание: Use the stun gun to disable a security camera.
Име: I Come In Peace
Описание: Turn a robot against its masters.
Име: Total Evasion
Описание: Hide from an alerted guard until he loses interest and returns to his patrol.
Име: Surprise Party
Описание: Perform a Takedown on a stunned enemy.
Име: Hush Little Baby
Описание: Attach the tranquilizer modification to the crossbow.
Име: Tools of the Trade
Описание: Attach a silencer and a laser sight to one of your weapons.
Име: Packing Heat
Описание: Own a rocket launcher and a plasma rifle.
Име: Hard Times
Описание: You have got a problem. You found a can of beer in the trash and then drank it.
Име: Bargain Hunter
Описание: You sly dog! You convinced Alvarez Araujo to give you a LIMB card for free!
Име: Spilling the Beans
Описание: You tricked the Skulls leader Diego into exposing where he is getting his Riezene!
Име: Boy Scout
Описание: You didn't accept a reward for helping Camila with her stalker problem! Such a nice boy!
Име: Piss Off Barrett
Описание: You challenged Barrett's criticism for sparing Kontarsky and he wasn't too happy about it.
Име: Completionist
Описание: Complete all the Side Quests in Panama.
Име: Starting Off On the Right Foot
Описание: Complete the tutorial without killing anyone.
Име: Natural Born Pacifist
Описание: Complete the entirety of Part 1 without killing anyone.