Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal
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Година на издаване: 2014
Платформа: Steam (PC)
Жанрове: Indie Simulation Strategy
Степен на сложност: 0/10
Брой постижения/трофеи: 139
Отключени: 0
Процент: 0%

Име: Training Wheels
Описание: Completed Tempus Story Mission
Име: Warp Ready
Описание: Completed Starsync Story Mission
Име: Junior Officer
Описание: Completed Tiplex Story Mission
Име: Master Commander
Описание: Completed Chanson Story Mission
Име: MacGyver
Описание: Completed Vapen Story Mission
Име: Peak of Good Living
Описание: Completed Meso Story Mission
Име: Box Art Mission Master
Описание: Completed Krig Story Mission
Име: Failure Has Its Own Reward
Описание: Lose Farbor Story Mission
Име: Better Late Than Never
Описание: Completed Farbor Story Mission
Име: Patton Would Be Proud
Описание: Completed Farbor Story Mission Early
Име: Dudley DoRight
Описание: Choose Skars in Arca Story Mission
Име: Rotten Apple
Описание: Choose Loki in Arca Story Mission
Име: Happily Ever Before
Описание: Completed Arca Story Mission as Skars
Име: The Dark Lord
Описание: Completed Arca Story Mission as Loki
Име: Surgical Strike
Описание: Completed Arca Story Mission Early
Име: Forty-Niner
Описание: Collected 100 AoO in Prospector Zone
Име: Dr. Jones
Описание: Collected 500 AoO in Prospector Zone
Име: Nihilist
Описание: Destroyed 20 Inhibitors in Tormented Space
Име: Uninhibited Nihilist
Описание: Destroyed 50 Inhibitors in Tormented Space
Име: Brainiac
Описание: Completed Alpha Sector:virgilw:Brain Mission
Име: Positronic Brain
Описание: Completed Alpha Sector:virgilw:Brain Mission in under 60 seconds
Име: Fine Wine
Описание: Completed both missions in Alpha Sector:Grauniad system
Име: Size Matters
Описание: Completed Metroid in Alpha Sector:MadMag system
Име: G-Man
Описание: Released AC in Credits Mission
Име: MadMag's Mansion
Описание: Picked up key from MadMag's room
Име: Shhhh!
Описание: Find all hidden areas in the Credits Mission
Име: Machine Lover
Описание: Completed 100 DMD Missions
Име: Unlimited Possibilities
Описание: Name a DMD Map
Име: Unlimited Potential
Описание: Download a Colonial Space Map
Име: Critic
Описание: Rate a Colonial Space Map
Име: Architect
Описание: Finalized a Map
Име: Ejection Seat
Описание: Command Node recalled to orbit due to damage
Име: Rain Man
Описание: Rain Anti-Creeper from orbit
Име: Can't Touch This
Описание: Complete a non-tutorial story map without creeper damaging any unit
Име: Nip in the Bud
Описание: Destroy a spore tower before it finishes building in Arc Eternal:Egos:Ruine
Име: Turtler
Описание: Take more than 120 minutes to win a mission
Име: Many Machines on Ix
Описание: Max all techs (10 on unlimited techs)
Име: Varro Hale Award
Описание: Win 50 Missions
Име: Aliana Abraxis Award
Описание: Win 100 Missions
Име: Dax Joven Award
Описание: Win 250 Missions
Име: Arc Eternal Pioneer
Описание: Enter Arc Eternal
Име: Prospector Zone Pioneer
Описание: Enter Prospector Zone
Име: Tormented Space Pioneer
Описание: Enter Tormented Space
Име: Colonial Space Pioneer
Описание: Enter Colonial Space
Име: Projects Pioneer
Описание: Enter Projects
Име: Alpha Sector Pioneer
Описание: Enter Alpha Sector
Име: DMD Pioneer
Описание: Enter DMD
Име: First Collector
Описание: Built first Collector
Име: First Relay
Описание: Built first Relay
Име: First Reactor
Описание: Built first Reactor
Име: First Shield
Описание: Built first Shield
Име: First Ore Mine
Описание: Built first Ore Mine
Име: First Siphon
Описание: Built first Siphon
Име: First Terp
Описание: Built first Terp
Име: First Guppy
Описание: Built first Guppy
Име: First Pulse Cannon
Описание: Built first Pulse Cannon
Име: First Mortar
Описание: Built first Mortar
Име: First Strafer
Описание: Built first Strafer
Име: First Bomber
Описание: Built first Bomber
Име: First Nullifier
Описание: Built first Nullifier
Име: First Sprayer
Описание: Built first Sprayer
Име: First Beam
Описание: Built first Beam
Име: First Sniper
Описание: Built first Sniper
Име: First Forge
Описание: Built first Forge
Име: First Bertha
Описание: Built first Bertha
Име: First Thor
Описание: Built first Thor
Име: Collector Lover
Описание: Build 300 Collectors in a mission
Име: Relay Lover
Описание: Build 100 Relays in a mission
Име: Reactor Lover
Описание: Build 200 Reactors in a mission
Име: Shield Lover
Описание: Build 25 Shields in a mission
Име: Ore Mine Lover
Описание: Build 15 Ore Mines in a mission
Име: Siphon Lover
Описание: Build 20 Siphons in a mission
Име: Terp Lover
Описание: Build 25 Terps in a mission
Име: Guppy Lover
Описание: Build 20 Guppies in a mission
Име: Pulse Cannon Lover
Описание: Build 50 Pulse Cannons in a mission
Име: Mortar Lover
Описание: Build 50 Mortars in a mission
Име: Strafer Lover
Описание: Build 50 Strafers in a mission
Име: Bomber Lover
Описание: Build 50 Bombers in a mission
Име: Nullifier Lover
Описание: Build 20 Nullifiers in a mission
Име: Sprayer Lover
Описание: Build 50 Sprayers in a mission
Име: Beam Lover
Описание: Build 50 Beams in a mission
Име: Sniper Lover
Описание: Build 40 Snipers in a mission
Име: Whoops!
Описание: Build 2 Forges in a mission
Име: Bertha Lover
Описание: Build 25 Berthas in a mission
Име: Thor Lover
Описание: Build 5 Thors in a mission
Име: Collector Master
Описание: Build 10000 Collectors total
Име: Relay Master
Описание: Build 5000 Relays total
Име: Reactor Master
Описание: Build 5000 Reactors total
Име: Shield Master
Описание: Build 400 Shields total
Име: Ore Mine Master
Описание: Build 1000 Ore Mines total
Име: Siphon Master
Описание: Build 800 Siphons total
Име: Terp Master
Описание: Build 500 Terps total
Име: Guppy Master
Описание: Build 500 Guppies total
Име: Pulse Cannon Master
Описание: Build 2500 Pulse Cannons total
Име: Mortar Master
Описание: Build 2500 Mortars total
Име: Strafer Master
Описание: Build 1000 Strafers total
Име: Bomber Master
Описание: Build 750 Bombers total
Име: Nullifier Master
Описание: Build 750 Nullifiers total
Име: Sprayer Master
Описание: Build 600 Sprayers total
Име: Beam Master
Описание: Build 1000 Beams total
Име: Sniper Master
Описание: Build 600 Snipers total
Име: Forge Master
Описание: Build 400 Forges total
Име: Bertha Master
Описание: Build 200 Berthas total
Име: Thor Master
Описание: Build 100 Thors total
Име: First Emitter
Описание: Destroy first Emitter
Име: First Spore Tower
Описание: Destroy first Spore Tower
Име: First Runner
Описание: Destroy first Runner
Име: First Runner Nest
Описание: Destroy first Runner Nest
Име: First Air Exclusion Tower
Описание: Destroy first Air Exclusion Tower
Име: Emitter Assassin
Описание: Destroy 20 Emitters in a mission
Име: Spore Tower Assassin
Описание: Destroy 20 Spore Towers in a mission
Име: Runner Assassin
Описание: Destroy 500 Runners in a mission
Име: Runner Nest Assassin
Описание: Destroy 10 Runner Nests in a mission
Име: Air Exclusion Tower Assassin
Описание: Destroy 8 Air Exclusion Towers in a mission
Име: Emitter Ender
Описание: Destroy 1000 Emitters total
Име: Spore Tower Ender
Описание: Destroy 500 Spore Towers total
Име: Runner Ender
Описание: Destroy 5000 Runners total
Име: Runner Nest Ender
Описание: Destroy 200 Runner Nests total
Име: Air Exclusion Tower Ender
Описание: Destroy 150 Air Exclusion Towers total
Име: First Inhibitor
Описание: Destroy first Inhibitor
Име: Inhibitor Ender
Описание: Destroy 100 Inhibitors total
Име: Mobility Award
Описание: Move a Command Node
Име: Upwardly Mobile
Описание: Move a Command Node 10 times in a mission
Име: Vagrant
Описание: Move a Command Node 50 times in a mission
Име: Gunslinger
Описание: Win a Prospector Zone mission with only Pulse Cannons and Nullifier weapons
Име: Fire in the Hole
Описание: Win a Prospector Zone mission with only Mortars and Nullifier weapons
Име: R.I.P
Описание: Destroy a built unit on purpose
Име: Industrial Nightmare
Описание: Get energy production up to 2000
Име: Strategic Reserve
Описание: Store 1500 energy
Име: Rainy Day Reserve
Описание: Store 2500 AC
Име: Self Improvement
Описание: Improve score or time on an already played mission in Tormented Space
Име: Focused
Описание: Win a mission by destroying only the inhibitor
Име: Wrath of the Gods
Описание: Fire more than twenty Artifacts of Odin in a mission
Име: Apexian
Описание: Win Arc Eternal:Apex:Meso building no weapons other than nullifiers
Име: Hawking Achievement
Описание: Fire the Singularity weapon
Име: No Fly
Описание: Complete Arc Eternal:Navox:Flick without using Bombers or Strafers
Име: Area Denial
Описание: Complete Arc Eternal:Egos:Chanson without the destruction of a Glider or a Glider Factory
Име: Not gonna Vapen
Описание: Complete Arc Eternal:Frykt:Vapen without activating the field beam
Име: Born Leader
Описание: Score in the top 10 on a mission with at least 20 scores.