Основна информация

Година на издаване: 2014
Платформа: Steam (PC)
Жанрове: Action Indie
Степен на сложност: 3/10
Брой постижения/трофеи: 12
Отключени: 12
Процент: 100%
Завършена номер: 338
Отнето време: 3 дни 1 час 17 минути

Име: Virtual Gamer
Описание: Complete a mission in the simulator.
Време: 12:58 на 26 Sep 2014
Име: Play on Ace
Описание: Start a campaign mission playing on Ace difficulty.
Време: 13:12 на 26 Sep 2014
Име: Saving 'Em for Something Bigger
Описание: Complete a mission without firing a single missile (campaign only).
Време: 13:17 на 26 Sep 2014
Име: Survive the Destruction of Your Ship
Описание: Eject from your ship and survive to continue to the next mission (campaign only).
Време: 13:26 на 26 Sep 2014
Име: Do not Abandon Hope
Описание: The Nozomi Maru must survive until she reaches Lyota Station.
Време: 13:40 на 26 Sep 2014
Име: I was at Vega
Описание: Complete the Battle of Vega simulator mission series.
Време: 15:51 на 26 Sep 2014
Име: Capship Down!
Описание: Score the killing shot of a capship (campaign only).
Време: 16:08 на 26 Sep 2014
Име: Report Revi Presence in Eridani
Описание: Successfully escort the courier pilot, Flash, to the jump point.
Време: 17:16 на 26 Sep 2014
Име: We Don't Need Backup
Описание: Take out the B'tao P'ta Patrol Boats attacking the Canopus in the Eridani system.
Време: 01:15 на 27 Sep 2014
Име: Overkill
Описание: Score more torpedo hits than required to take out a capship (campaign only).
Време: 10:48 на 29 Sep 2014
Име: The Free Republic of Vega
Описание: Complete the campaign.
Време: 13:55 на 29 Sep 2014
Име: Take the Honorable Route
Описание: The UEA Sirius must survive the encounter in Procyon.
Време: 14:16 на 29 Sep 2014