Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love
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Година на издаване: 2014
Платформа: Steam (PC)
Жанрове: Adventure Casual Indie
Степен на сложност: 0/10
Брой постижения/трофеи: 93
Отключени: 0
Процент: 0%

Име: Just a little
Описание: Bring a little color to the world
Име: The Quirk
Описание: Bring a quirky glow to the world
Име: The Healthiest Splash
Описание: Give the world a healthy splash of color.
Име: One in four
Описание: Spread color across the lands.
Име: Half and Half
Описание: Bring color to half of the world.
Име: Total Saturation
Описание: Make the world a truly beautiful place.
Име: Gem Curiosity
Описание: Collect a precious, delicious gem.
Име: De Beers
Описание: Suck the earth dry of gems.
Име: Casual Collector
Описание: Unearth a single, ancient Relic.
Име: They belong in a museum
Описание: Uncover every mysterious Relic.
Име: Prying Eyes
Описание: Stumble upon a diary entry.
Име: A gross violation of privacy
Описание: Piece together the entire diary. Feel a little dirty.
Име: The Road to Riches
Описание: Begin your journey to trivial wealth.
Име: Unhealthy Affluence
Описание: Hoard an outrageous fortune. Sigh.
Име: You are a Star
Описание: Meet a few stars
Име: We are all Stars
Описание: Meet many stars
Име: In actuality, Star is a metaphor
Описание: Meet a lot of stars
Име: ...for pointless distractions
Описание: Meet innumerable stars
Име: friends, family...
Описание: Meet so many stars, you will become numb.
Име:, romance, religion...
Описание: Meet a galaxy of stars.
Име: But who are we to judge? You've seen the universe.
Описание: Meet a universe of stars.
Име: The last twist of the knife.
Описание: Reunite the Ancient Cube with the Ancient Star
Име: A glaringly obvious discovery.
Описание: Find the Ancient Star.
Име: To call them baby steps would be insulting to babies.
Описание: Leave home.
Име: Life by Experimentation
Описание: Experiment with a few colors.
Име: Cold Comfort
Описание: Meet a Cube.
Име: The Long Game
Описание: Encounter a Stalker.
Име: Who are you to pass commandments?
Описание: Inspire a Stalker.
Име: Smash the tablets
Описание: Inspire ten Stalkers.
Име: Strange Days
Описание: Unearth a history of the Tiny Things
Име: The Historian Nobody Asked For
Описание: Uncover all Tiny Things histories.
Име: The Enigma
Описание: Decrypt the Tiny Things language.
Име: The Death and Resurrection Show
Описание: Resurrect the Tiny Things
Име: Reduce, Reuse, Resurrect
Описание: Create a sustainable Tiny Thing population
Име: You've lost control of the situation
Описание: Deafen the world with the sound of Tiny Things
Име: Probably an accident...
Описание: Murder a Tiny Thing
Име: Cruel Upbringing
Описание: Become the reaper of the Tiny Things
Име: The most colorful massacre
Описание: Flood the world with the deathly ink of Tiny Things
Име: Catatonia
Описание: Bring inky blackness to the world
Име: Paint it Black (sans Red Door)
Описание: Paint the world with darkness
Име: The Jitters
Описание: Sweeten the pot with pink
Име: Pink... and the Brain
Описание: Sink the world into pink
Име: I'm a passionate guy
Описание: Enflame the passions of the world
Име: Hot Mess
Описание: Convert the world into a red mess
Име: This is... awkward
Описание: Inject a jittery uncertainty into the world
Име: I just don't know what I'm doing, anymore
Описание: Make the world question its purpose
Име: Oh Joy!
Описание: Sprinkle a modest joy over the world
Име: Joy... means different thing to different people
Описание: Rain joy down upon the world
Име: Fertility can be both a blessing and a curse
Описание: Make the world swell with fertility
Име: When I think fertile, I think bloated
Описание: Make a swollen and fertile world
Име: Optimism is a strange thing....
Описание: Imbue the world with an optimistic outlook
Име: Inverse Pessimism
Описание: Twist the world into optimistic denial
Име: Blue and Thoughtful
Описание: Crush the world under pensive agony
Име: Think Globally, Act Erratically
Описание: Bend the world to silent reflection
Име: See the task, do the task
Описание: Introduce utility, pride, purple
Име: Purple is reserved for royalty
Описание: Twist the world beneath flamboyant pragmatism
Име: Crawl through the Muck
Описание: Spread mud, earth and primal urges
Име: Primal Rage... except not rage.
Описание: Trigger the rise of the primal geometry
Име: How dry am I?
Описание: Dry the world, spread dust and deadly warmth
Име: Your life, the mirage
Описание: Create a dusty utopia.
Име: White is hard to keep clean
Описание: Spread the white menace
Име: White Lightning
Описание: Burn the eyes of unbelievers with white glory.
Име: Have a good old wallow
Описание: Sink the world into strange, rich nausea
Име: Dig down, sleep deep
Описание: Soak the world in oil and bile.
Име: Chrome-Dome
Описание: Raise a luminous Dome
Име: The Overhang
Описание: Pierce the ground with a Jut
Име: Shrooming
Описание: Become the savior of the spores: Raise a Mushroom.
Име: Building a Framework
Описание: Celebrate stern design by raising a Pagoda
Име: I'll call you Pharaoh if you'll call me Sir
Описание: Invoke the anguish of a thousand souls and raise a Pyramid.
Име: Brutal Culture
Описание: Raise a Brutal Pyramid with your ominous tones
Име: The Flanges make it a party
Описание: Raise a Flanged Pyramid
Име: Checkmate
Описание: Move straight, move bold - raise a Rook
Име: Low-cost, High-occupancy
Описание: Settle in muck. Raise a Shack
Име: The Hivemind
Описание: Joy in bulk: Raise a Skyscraper
Име: Tombstone
Описание: Raise the ominous shadow of life; raise a Tombstone
Име: Regal but a little tacky
Описание: Raise a Tower and acknowledge that glory is unattainable
Име: The countryside is a grim place indeed
Описание: Create a pastural mise en scene - raise a Windmill
Име: The Digital Gom Jabbar
Описание: Raise a Windtrap - the color must flow
Име: Plated for your Pleasure
Описание: Stumble upon a Plated Crawler
Име: Do the Jitterbug
Описание: Meet a Hovering Jitterer
Име: Lost without a Flower
Описание: Interrogate a Gliding Spearhead
Име: Hermits on Parade
Описание: Thrill to the shuddering of a Scuttler
Име: Feel free to believe in the Skunk Ape, but...
Описание: Ask the deep questions of a Flying Rod
Име: The Rainbow Connection
Описание: Inform your bounding with advice from a Leaper
Име: If your life is a circle - the radius is this achievement
Описание: Reflect upon a Crawling Bisection
Име: Slithy Toves
Описание: Witness the expansion and contraction of a Groper
Име: Retreat into your shell
Описание: Admire the diminishing curve of a Twisted Ratio
Име: Nuts!
Описание: Become intimate with a Hoarder
Име: Longshanks
Описание: Meet a Strider. Feel inadequate
Име: Prometheus
Описание: Discover Fire.
Име: Spock
Описание: Discover Logic
Име: Burning Desire
Описание: Discover Passion
Име: Mellow Yellow
Описание: Discover Joy