Air Conflicts: Vietnam
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Година на издаване: 2013
Платформа: Steam (PC)
Жанрове: Action Simulation
Степен на сложност: 0/10
Брой постижения/трофеи: 16
Отключени: 0
Процент: 0%

Име: Vietnam Newbie
Описание: Complete two missions in Campaign Mode
Име: The First Cut!
Описание: Shoot down a MiG in campaign mode!
Име: Bad experience
Описание: Complete Action 23rd of August!
Име: Team Mate!
Описание: Rescue an MIA pilot!
Име: Vietnam Veteran
Описание: Complete the first campaign
Име: Vietnam Survivor
Описание: Complete Campaign Mode
Име: Dogfight Ace
Описание: Shoot down 30 players in multiplayer!
Име: Fleet Admiral
Описание: Reach max rank (Fleet Admiral) with any pilot.
Име: Ship Sinker
Описание: Sink 3 ships in campaign mode
Име: Ace
Описание: Shot down 50 MiGs in campaign mode
Име: Multiplayer Ace
Описание: Perform 3 kills in row in MP
Име: Good Show
Описание: Place in top half in multiplayer match with at least 6 players
Име: Cracking Good Show
Описание: Place first in multiplayer match with at least 6 players
Име: Multiplayer Veteran
Описание: Play 15 multiplayer matches to the end
Име: A6M Zero Warrior
Описание: Find A6M Zero crashsite and salvage the airplane!
Име: F4U Corsair Warrior
Описание: Find F4U Corsair crashsite and salvage the airplane!