Expeditions: Conquistador
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Година на издаване: 2013
Платформа: Steam (PC)
Жанрове: Indie RPG Strategy
Степен на сложност: 0/10
Брой постижения/трофеи: 60
Отключени: 0
Процент: 0%

Име: Wake-Up Call
Описание: Lose the first tutorial battle
Име: Mestizo
Описание: Recruit Isabela de Yruenes for your expedition
Име: Ambassador
Описание: Resolve the Jungle Drums goal without bloodshed
Име: The Bigger They Are
Описание: Defeat Esteban Gallego
Име: A Friend In Need
Описание: Save Governor Bernardo De Manzanedo
Име: Onwards To Glory
Описание: Cast off for the mainland!
Име: Cartographer
Описание: Find all cairns on Hispaniola and compile all the maps of the island
Име: El Loco
Описание: Attack and destroy a native settlement on Hispaniola
Име: Champion
Описание: Win all three battles in the Tournament
Име: Infected Mushroom
Описание: Complete The Gloaming
Име: Don Quijote
Описание: Complete 5 side quests in Hispaniola
Име: Treading New Ground
Описание: Find all the cairns and compile all the maps of Mexico
Име: Among The Prickly Pears
Описание: Discover Tenochtitlan
Име: Diplomatic Asset
Описание: Recruit Anacaona for your expedition
Име: Hogar Dulce Hogar
Описание: Rebuild Fortaleza De Gutiérrez
Име: La Noche Triste
Описание: Kick off the battle for Tenochtitlan
Име: Fall Of The Empire
Описание: Kill Moctezuma Xocoyotzin
Име: Defying History
Описание: Save Moctezuma Xocoyotzin
Име: Conquistador
Описание: Turn against your allies in their hour of triumph
Име: Building Bridges
Описание: Marry a native
Име: Don Juan
Описание: Form a romantic relationship
Име: Stronghold
Описание: Restore Fortaleza De Gutiérrez to its full glory
Име: Apocalypto
Описание: Aid the escaped slaves
Име: The City Of Gold
Описание: Discover El Dorado
Име: The Waters Of Rejuvenation
Описание: Discover the Fountain Of Youth
Име: The Dog-Headed God
Описание: Discover the Masaya Volcano tunnels
Име: The Beginning Of The End
Описание: Inadvertently unleash smallpox on the population of Tenochtitlan
Име: Tame The Beast
Описание: Capture Xochiyohua
Име: Raider Of The Lost Temple
Описание: Complete The Temple of Death
Име: Tactician
Описание: Achieve fifteen Flawless Victories in a row on Normal or greater difficulty
Име: Fleet-footed
Описание: Achieve a Flawless Victory in an Escape battle
Име: Keep Your Distance
Описание: Win a non-tutorial battle without ever getting within melee distance of an enemy
Име: Of Pens And Swords
Описание: Win a non-tutorial battle with only Scholars and Doctors
Име: The Boot
Описание: Kick an enemy into a burning or trapped space
Име: Collateral Damage
Описание: Hit one of your own units with AoE damage
Име: Skull Crusher
Описание: Deal more than 100 points of damage with a single attack
Име: Surrounded
Описание: Kill an enemy with a flanking strike
Име: Pot Shot
Описание: Score a hit with a ranged attack with a 5% hit chance
Име: Running The Gauntlet
Описание: Kill an enemy with an Interrupt attack
Име: A-Team
Описание: Enter combat with six units at Veteran or higher rank
Име: Juggernaut
Описание: Enter combat with at least 25 points of Equipment assigned to a single unit
Име: Cannon Fodder
Описание: Kill an enemy unit with a cannon blast
Име: Close Call
Описание: Revive an incapacitated unit and keep that unit alive until the end of the battle
Име: Cortés
Описание: Complete the game on Normal difficulty
Име: Pizarro
Описание: Complete the game on Hard difficulty
Име: Aguirre
Описание: Complete the game on Insane difficulty
Име: Masochist
Описание: Complete the game in Iron Man mode on any difficulty
Име: The Ecstasy Of Gold
Описание: Return to Spain with 50,000 Valuables or more
Име: No Man Left Behind
Описание: Return to Spain without losing any expedition members
Име: Historian
Описание: Unlock all the Codex entries
Име: Artisan
Описание: Fully research all the possible inventions and construct one item of every possible recipe
Име: Feminist
Описание: Start the game with only women, as a female character
Име: Magnetic Personality
Описание: Recruit all 6 native followers in Mexico in a single playthrough
Име: The Greater Good
Описание: Sacrifice a member of your expedition
Име: A Sorry Bunch
Описание: Have all your followers be disabled at the same time
Име: Merchant
Описание: Trade at every market in both campaigns in a single playthrough
Име: The Wrath Of God
Описание: Experience a mutiny
Име: Harsh Rationing
Описание: Make camp without giving any of your followers food
Име: Triage Hero
Описание: Nurse a Fatally Injured expedition member back to full health
Име: Number One
Описание: Promote a follower to Lieutenant