Dead Island Riptide
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Година на издаване: 2013
Платформа: Steam (PC)
Жанрове: Action RPG
Степен на сложност: 0/10
Брой постижения/трофеи: 35
Отключени: 0
Процент: 0%

Име: The Storm
Описание: Escape from the ship
Име: Heart of Darkness
Описание: Find a boat to travel through the jungle
Име: Breaching the Tunnels
Описание: Successfuly defend the tunnels entrance
Име: The Cinema
Описание: Clear out the cinema
Име: Military Base
Описание: Gain access to a long range radio station
Име: Combat on the roof
Описание: Survive the horde on the roof
Име: Henderson town
Описание: Reach Henderson
Име: Meeting Serpo
Описание: Make pact with Serpo
Име: The Docks
Описание: Enter the docks in Quarantine Zone
Име: You've tricked me once
Описание: Finish the game
Име: Achiever
Описание: Finish all quests in the game
Име: Mystery solved
Описание: Find all the secret files of Consortium
Име: Gain level 50
Описание: Gain level 50
Име: Gain level 70
Описание: Gain level 70
Име: Siege Hammer
Описание: Install 5 barricades in any hub
Име: Dream Team
Описание: Complete all the main quests cooperatively with any number of partners
Име: The Collector
Описание: Find 50% of collectibles
Име: The Hoarder
Описание: Find all collectibles
Име: Professional Tourist
Описание: Find all pages from the guide book
Име: Twins
Описание: Kill the Twins
Име: NewsJunkie?
Описание: Find all voice recordings of a journalist
Име: At Your Service
Описание: Rescue 20 NPCs from clench
Име: The Hurt Mine Locker
Описание: Kill 10 zombies with one mine
Име: Hurler
Описание: Kill 100 zombies with thrown melee weapons
Име: BrainLess
Описание: Kill 50 zombies by smashing, decapitating or shooting them in the head
Име: Bully
Описание: Kill 100 zombies with a kick.
Име: Jetboat
Описание: Kill 100 zombies using boat speed boost
Име: Juggernaut
Описание: Kill 100 enemies using charge attacks
Име: Better than the arm
Описание: Kill 25 zombies with a chainsaw
Име: Serving Science
Описание: Finish quests for Dr Kessler
Име: First Do No Harm
Описание: Finish quests for Cecil in hospital
Име: Deafeat Harlow
Описание: Deafeat Harlow
Име: It's an order
Описание: Mark 100 opponents which then were killed by your coop partners
Име: King among kings
Описание: Kill special enemies: Grenadier, Thug, Wrestler, Infected, Suicider, Screamer, Butcher, Floater.
Име: Hunter-Seeker
Описание: Find and kill all named champion monsters located in dead zones