Darksiders II
Основна информация

Година на издаване: 2012
Платформа: Steam (PC)
Жанрове: Action Adventure RPG
Степен на сложност: 0/10
Брой постижения/трофеи: 50
Отключени: 0
Процент: 0%

Име: Crow Carrion
Описание: Defeat the Crowfather
Име: Dust to Dust
Описание: Defeat the Guardian
Име: Clipped Wings
Описание: Defeat Archon
Име: It's Not Over
Описание: Defeat Samael
Име: Soul Crushing
Описание: Defeat The Wailing Host
Име: The Big Boss
Описание: Defeat Absalom
Име: A Stroll In The Demonic Park
Описание: Complete the game on any difficulty setting
Име: Four My Brother
Описание: Complete the game on NORMAL
Име: A True Horseman
Описание: Complete the game on APOCALYPTIC
Име: Pathfinder
Описание: First use of Fast Travel
Име: The Spectral Touch
Описание: Collect Deathgrip
Име: I Can Has Cake?
Описание: Collect the Voidwalker
Име: Tearing Time A New One
Описание: Collect the Phasewalker
Име: Looks Familiar
Описание: Collect Redemption
Име: Death Will Tear Us Apart
Описание: Collect the Soul Splitter
Име: By Your Command
Описание: Collect the Interdiction Stone
Име: The Triple Lindy
Описание: Complete 3 different high dives in the Foundry
Име: Fire of the Mountain
Описание: Complete Fire of the Mountain
Име: Tears of the Mountain
Описание: Complete Tears of the Mountain
Име: Gnomad
Описание: Complete GnoMAD
Име: To Move a Mountain
Описание: Complete To Move a Mountain
Име: Heart of the Mountain
Описание: Complete Heart of the Mountain
Име: Tree of Life
Описание: Complete Tree of Life
Име: The Lord of Bones
Описание: Complete The Lord of Bones
Име: The Toll of Kings
Описание: Complete The Toll of Kings
Име: The Court of Bones
Описание: Defeat Basileus
Име: The Book of the Dead
Описание: Complete The Book of the Dead
Име: City of the Dead
Описание: Complete City of the Dead
Име: The Root Of Corruption
Описание: Open The Well Of Souls
Име: The Rod of Arafel
Описание: Complete The Rod of Arafel
Име: Diamond Geezertron
Описание: Unlock the final skill in either skill tree
Име: Mass Ruckus
Описание: Equip elite items to all slots
Име: Stains of Heresy
Описание: Complete Stains of Heresy
Име: The Mad Queen
Описание: Complete The Mad Queen
Име: Lord of the Black Stone
Описание: Complete Lord of the Black Stone
Име: The Secondary Adventure
Описание: Complete all Secondary Quests
Име: Grim Reaping
Описание: Unlock Reaper Form
Име: Bravo Old Chap
Описание: Defeat Wicked K
Име: Is There Anyone Else?
Описание: Complete The Crucible
Име: Like a Noss
Описание: Defeat the four creatures named by Thane
Име: Abracadabra
Описание: Open all Death Tombs
Име: Antiquing
Описание: Complete Lost Relics
Име: I've Brought You A Gift
Описание: Defeat the Soul Arbiter
Име: Epic!
Описание: Death Reaches Level 30
Име: Feeding Time
Описание: Level Up Your 1st Possessed Weapon
Име: Pay It Forward
Описание: Gift An Item To A Friend
Име: All You Can Eat Buffet
Описание: Complete Sticks and Stones
Име: Full Potential
Описание: Unlock All Combat Moves & Upgrades
Име: BFA
Описание: Unlock Everything
Име: Respec Yourself
Описание: Your First Respec