Aliens: Colonial Marines
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Година на издаване: 2013
Платформа: Steam (PC)
Жанрове: Action
Степен на сложност: 0/10
Брой постижения/трофеи: 50
Отключени: 12
Процент: 24%

Име: Coming Outta the Walls!
Описание: Kill a Xenomorph climbing on the walls or ceiling
Време: 17:33 на 3 Mar 2013
Име: Field Promotion
Описание: Earn Rank 2 as a Marine
Време: 17:34 на 3 Mar 2013
Име: Oorah to Ashes
Описание: Collect a Dog Tag
Време: 17:35 на 3 Mar 2013
Име: Another Bug Hunt
Описание: Complete a Challenge
Време: 17:38 на 3 Mar 2013
Име: Ready to Fry Half a City
Описание: Edit a Marine Loadout
Време: 17:38 на 3 Mar 2013
Име: Personal Friend of Mine
Описание: Collect a Legendary Weapon
Време: 17:41 на 3 Mar 2013
Име: Eat This!
Описание: Kill a Xenomorph with a shotgun at very close range
Време: 17:42 на 3 Mar 2013
Име: Structural Perfection
Описание: Edit a Xenomorph Loadout
Време: 23:03 на 3 Mar 2013
Име: Entry Prohibited
Описание: Kill 10 Xenomorphs that are using vents
Време: 23:06 на 3 Mar 2013
Име: Another Day in the Corps
Описание: Complete Distress
Време: 23:12 на 3 Mar 2013
Име: Love at First Sight
Описание: Survive a Close Encounter with a Facehugger
Време: 23:18 на 3 Mar 2013
Име: Bad Feeling About This Drop
Описание: Complete Sulaco Falls
Време: 20:53 на 26 Jul 2013
Име: Quoth the Raven
Описание: Complete The Raven
Име: Still Got a Job to Do
Описание: Complete Rampart
Име: Dragged Queen
Описание: Complete Home
Име: Game Over, Man!
Описание: Complete all Campaign levels on any difficulty
Име: Not Bad For a Human
Описание: Complete all Campaign levels on Hardened difficulty
Име: State of the Badass Art
Описание: Complete all Campaign levels on Ultimate Badass difficulty
Име: Short, Controlled Bursts
Описание: Defeat all Xenomorphs in the Sulaco hanger bay without them crossing your barricade
Име: Fire Drill
Описание: Arm the emergency release and escape in under 2:30 on Sulaco Falls
Име: Mostly Come at Night…
Описание: Find Newt's doll
Име: Just a Grunt
Описание: Complete Hope in Hadley's
Име: No Need For Alarm
Описание: Complete One Bullet without setting off the alarm
Име: Heavy Lifting
Описание: Defeat the Raven in under 1:10 on Soldier difficulty or higher
Име: Easter Egg
Описание: Find the Easter Egg
Име: Adios, Muchachos
Описание: Gib two enemies at once
Име: Lean and Mean
Описание: Earn Rank 20 as a Marine
Име: I Love the Corps!
Описание: Earn Rank 60 as a Marine
Име: Remember the Fallen
Описание: Collect all 35 Dog Tags
Име: I Like to Keep These Handy
Описание: Collect all 6 Legendary Weapons
Име: Stay Frosty
Описание: Complete an entire Challenge category
Име: Distinguished Service Medal
Описание: Complete all Challenges
Име: I Feel Safer Already
Описание: Have another player join your party
Име: Don't Count Me Out
Описание: Revive a teammate
Име: Perfect Killing Machine
Описание: Upgrade every Loadout slot for a Xenomorph class
Име: Field Modified, Kill Certified
Описание: Upgrade every slot for a weapon
Име: You Look Just Like I Feel
Описание: Upgrade every Appearance slot once for your Marine
Име: Adaptive Morphology
Описание: Upgrade every Appearance slot once for a Xenomorph class
Име: I Can Handle Myself
Описание: Purchase all Upgrades for a weapon
Име: Majority Shareholder
Описание: Spend 30 Commendations
Име: I Heard THAT
Описание: Collect all 12 Audio Logs
Име: Let's Rock!
Описание: Kill 10 Xenomorphs in a game with the M56A2 Smart Gun
Име: Need a Deck Of Cards?
Описание: Set up a UA 571-C Remote Sentry
Име: Micro Changes in Air Density
Описание: Track 100 hostile targets with the Motion Tracker
Име: It's a Dry Heat
Описание: Kill 3 enemies with a single U4 Firebomb
Име: Secreted from What?
Описание: Kill 5 Spitters without being damaged by acid
Име: No Offense
Описание: Melee a Lurker that is pouncing towards you
Име: Arbitrarily Exterminated
Описание: Kill 2179 Xenomorphs
Име: Anytime, Anywhere
Описание: Kill a Crusher without it damaging you
Име: ... But No Cigar
Описание: Rescue a teammate from a Close Encounter