Afterfall Insanity
Основна информация

Година на издаване: 2012
Платформа: Steam (PC)
Жанрове: Action Adventure Indie
Степен на сложност: 0/10
Брой постижения/трофеи: 40
Отключени: 1
Процент: 3%

Име: Parasomnia
Описание: Complete Level 1
Време: 22:33 на 13 May 2013
Име: Long Distance Runner
Описание: Sprint for 4000 meters (in total)
Име: Remote Car Champion
Описание: Move throught the vents without wasting any of the Repairbots
Име: Headhunter
Описание: Smash 50 heads with a kick to the head in the finisher
Име: I337 h4xx0r
Описание: Hack a device with L2 Security with less than 5 mistakes
Име: Jackpot!
Описание: Find an ammo pack in the vending machine
Име: Good Listener
Описание: Listen to all recordings in the game
Име: Doctor Nosy
Описание: Find all the notes in the game
Име: Chain Reaction
Описание: Kill 3 Ashes with the chain reacting explosion
Име: Look Ma', no scope!
Описание: Kill 100 using headshots
Име: Hammerin' time!
Описание: Kill 30 opponents with Power Hammer
Име: Pacifier
Описание: Kill 50 opponents with 'Pacyfikator' Telescopic Baton
Име: Coup de grâce
Описание: Kill 30 using the finishers
Име: Hack n' Slash!
Описание: Kill 50 opponents with Sickle
Име: Here's Albert!
Описание: Kill 50 opponents with Firefighter's Axe
Име: Special Treatment
Описание: "Tranquilize" 20 opponents with Syringe
Име: Olé!
Описание: Kill 30 opponents with Raging Bull
Име: Dancing Loony Bin
Описание: Beat the game on InSane difficulty setting
Име: Asylum
Описание: Beat the game on Hard difficulty setting
Име: Sanitarium
Описание: Beat the game on Normal difficulty setting
Име: Clinic
Описание: Beat the game on Easy difficulty setting
Име: Psychosis
Описание: Complete Level 2
Име: Depression
Описание: Complete Level 3
Име: Mania
Описание: Complete Level 4
Име: Agoraphobia
Описание: Complete Level 5
Име: Phagophobia
Описание: Complete Level 6
Име: Neurosis
Описание: Complete Level 7
Име: Paranoia
Описание: Complete Level 8
Име: Delusion
Описание: Complete Level 9
Име: Insomnia
Описание: Complete Level 10
Име: Shelter "Gory"
Описание: Kill 100 with dismemberment
Име: First Encounter Finished
Описание: Finish first encounter
Име: Second Encounter Finished
Описание: Finish second encounter
Име: Third Encounter Finished
Описание: Finish third encounter
Име: Fourth Encounter Finished
Описание: Finish fourth encounter
Име: Fifth Encounter Finished
Описание: Finish fifth encounter
Име: Sixth Encounter Finished
Описание: Finish sixth encounter
Име: First Boss Defeated
Описание: Defeat first boss
Име: Second Boss Defeated
Описание: Defeat Second Boss
Име: Third Boss Defeated
Описание: Defeat Third Boss