Rune Classic
Основна информация

Година на издаване: 2001
Платформа: Steam (PC)
Жанрове: Action Adventure
Степен на сложност: 0/10
Брой постижения/трофеи: 29
Отключени: 0
Процент: 0%

Име: Completed Rune
Описание: Complete the game (any difficulty).
Име: Completed Rune on Medium
Описание: Complete the game on Medium difficulty.
Име: Completed Rune on Hard
Описание: Complete the game on Hard difficulty.
Име: Deal with the Dealy Dangler Fish
Описание: Avoid the Dealy Dangler Fish.
Име: To Hel and Back
Описание: Make your way through Hel's Chamber
Име: Try This On For Size
Описание: Defeat the Trial Pit Beast.
Име: Knock His Lights Out
Описание: Defeat the Dark Dwarf.
Име: Kill Sark Conrack
Описание: Defeat Sark Conrack.
Име: Sark Ragnar
Описание: Become Sark Ragnar.
Име: Complete The Set
Описание: Get all the weapons in the game.
Име: Lizard Eater
Описание: Eat 25 Lizards.
Име: Drinkin' and Fightin'
Описание: Drink 25 Steins of Mead
Име: I smell something burning
Описание: Defeat an enemy by setting them on fire.
Име: Healthy
Описание: Obtain all the Runes of Health
Име: Kill 25 Enemies
Описание: Kill 25 Enemies.
Име: One Hundred Foes
Описание: Kill 100 enemies.
Име: Two Fifty Foes
Описание: Kill 250 enemies.
Име: Berzerker
Описание: Kill 25 enemies while Berzerk.
Име: Berzerker II
Описание: Kill 100 enemies while Berzerk.
Име: Sharpened Skills
Описание: Kill 50 opponents in multiplayer.
Име: Honed to Perfection
Описание: Kill 100 opponents in multiplayer.
Име: Executioner's Apprentice
Описание: Behead 10 opponents in multiplayer.
Име: Executioner
Описание: Behead 25 opponents in multiplayer
Име: Master Executioner
Описание: Behead 100 opponents in multiplayer.
Име: Lose your head
Описание: Get beheaded in multiplayer.
Име: Whet my apetite
Описание: Kill 10 opponents in multiplayer.
Име: Big Spree
Описание: Get a 10 player kill spree in multiplayer.
Име: Quick to Strike
Описание: Get "First Blood" 10 times
Име: Armed and Dangerous
Описание: Beat an opponent to death with a severed limb.