Containment: The Zombie Puzzler
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Година на издаване: 2012
Платформа: Steam (PC)
Жанрове: Casual Indie
Степен на сложност: 0/10
Брой постижения/трофеи: 24
Отключени: 5
Процент: 21%

Име: First Timer
Описание: Kill the first zombie in the Campaign.
Време: 22:55 на 6 May 2012
Име: Zombie Butcher
Описание: Kill 100 Zombies
Време: 23:06 на 6 May 2012
Име: Late Title Card
Описание: Witness the glory of aggressive fonts!
Време: 23:06 на 6 May 2012
Име: Vaccination into Mutation
Описание: Apply the zombie cure to one patient. Congratulations. You created super zombies.
Време: 23:12 на 6 May 2012
Име: Oops!
Описание: Kill 10 Survivors
Време: 23:18 на 6 May 2012
Име: Zombie Assassin
Описание: Kill 500 Zombies
Име: Zombie Murderer
Описание: Kill 1,000 Zombies
Име: Zombie Massacre-er
Описание: Kill 5,000 Zombies
Име: Zombie Tickler
Описание: Kill 10,000 Zombies
Име: Friendly Fire
Описание: Kill 100 Survivors
Име: For the Greater Good
Описание: Kill 500 Survivors
Име: Epic Oops!
Описание: Kill 1,000 Survivors
Име: Buspocalypse
Описание: Complete Act 1
Име: Movie Lover
Описание: Watch America's Fighting Dinosaur at the drive-in.
Име: Endangered Species
Описание: Complete Act 2
Име: Paleozombology
Описание: Complete Act 3 by defeating the boss without the forklift.
Име: Winnar!
Описание: Complete the campaign
Име: Occupy Town Hall
Описание: Complete all 20 blocks in Town Hall Survival
Име: Grande Surround
Описание: Surround 15 zombies at once.
Име: Venti Surround
Описание: Surround 20 zombies at once.
Име: George Metesky
Описание: Kill 5 non-Zombies with a single grenade.
Име: Oh, the Humanity!
Описание: Kill 8 or more survivors with a single air strike.
Име: Boom! Headshot!
Описание: Shoot 10 zombies offmap with Sniper items.
Име: Grand Theft Auto
Описание: Open 20 vehicles.