AaAaAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity
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Година на издаване: 2009
Платформа: Steam (PC)
Жанрове: Action Indie Sports
Степен на сложност: 7/10
Брой постижения/трофеи: 7
Отключени: 7
Процент: 100%
Завършена номер: 36
Отнето време: 6 месеца 23 дни 53 минути

Име: I am One in a Million, and There Are Six Thousand People in the World Exactly Like Me
Описание: Awarded for racking up over 999,999.999 points total.
Време: 19:09 на 9 Dec 2010
Име: I Have Jumped Beyond the Powers of Two, and Have Lived to Tell the Tale
Описание: Awarded for completing your 128th jump.
Време: 20:12 на 9 Dec 2010
Име: I Have Broken More Glass Than a Finely Corpulent Opera Singer, and Love Myself For It
Описание: Awarded for breaking 1,000 scoring plates.
Време: 22:30 на 16 Dec 2010
Име: I am at Risk of Contracting Mononucleosis, Which is Known Colloquially as the Kissing Disease
Описание: This achievement is an award which is awarded for achieving 10,000 kisses total.
Време: 18:35 на 30 May 2011
Име: I Avoid Sleep Wherever Possible, So I Played AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! a Whole Lot
Описание: Awarded for completing 4,096 jumps.
Време: 23:08 на 10 Jun 2011
Име: The Rhylos and Skaery Memorial Achievement, for Which We Will Honor Them
Описание: All fives. All five stars. On all levels. 81 levels. Yeah.
Време: 23:41 на 13 Jun 2011
Име: Air. Wind. Sun. Pain. I Am All of This, and Your Mom Makes a Fine Pasta Dinner.
Описание: Complete the Summer Sun level from the main menu with 5 stars. Available for a limited time during Summer 2011! Hurry!
Време: 21:02 на 30 Jun 2011