Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars
Основна информация

Година на издаване: 2013
Платформа: Steam (PC)
Жанрове: Indie RPG Strategy
Степен на сложност: 0/10
Брой постижения/трофеи: 35
Отключени: 0
Процент: 0%

Име: Supersized
Описание: Acquire 5000 Food
Име: Hardwood
Описание: Acquire 5000 Wood
Име: Golem
Описание: Acquire 5000 Stone
Име: Penny Pincher
Описание: Acquire 10000 Gold
Име: I won! I won!
Описание: Win a PvP match
Име: Veni, vidi, vici
Описание: Win 10 PvP matches
Име: Warmonger
Описание: Win 50 PvP matches
Име: Lord of War
Описание: Win 100 PvP matches
Име: Hoarder
Описание: Acquire 200 Wealth
Име: City Builder
Описание: Build a large city
Име: Tumbling Down
Описание: Successfully Lay Siege to the Human Capital Dagbor
Име: Swamp Thing
Описание: Successfully Lay Siege to the Orc Capital Makkada
Име: Let It Burn
Описание: Successfully Lay Siege to the Elven Capital Illas Tiltos
Име: Capital Idea
Описание: Successfully siege all 3 capitals
Име: Five Star General
Описание: Have 5 armies on the world map
Име: Quest For Success
Описание: Complete over 40 quests
Име: Dragon King
Описание: Have all 3 main dragon types in your homeland
Име: Dwarf Friend
Описание: Have at least 5 dwarven battalions defending your homeland
Име: Book Worm
Описание: Browse the in-game help topics
Име: Gregarious
Описание: Add a player to your Friend list
Име: Friends With Benefits
Описание: Accept a co-op siege battle request
Име: Leaving the Nest
Описание: Complete your first world map army quest
Име: Diplomatic Solution
Описание: Establish trade or an alliance with a non-allied city through diplomacy
Име: All Mine
Описание: Visit the Dwarven mines of Dunn Erghast or the Dwarven Marches
Име: Here Be Dragons
Описание: Visit the Dragon lands of Sssilistra
Име: Nomad
Описание: Visit the inhospitable land of Bal Ratha or the Desolate Hills
Име: In The Fields
Описание: Explore the lands of the Human realm of Teria
Име: Beneath The Trees
Описание: Explore the lands of the Elf realm of Nhob'ru
Име: Land Of Extremes
Описание: Explore the lands of the Orc realm of Gokkholm
Име: Building A Future
Описание: Construct one of the economy buildings available to you
Име: Military Industrial Complex
Описание: Construct one of the military buildings available to you
Име: Home Sweet Home
Описание: Build 5 or more houses, huts or residences
Име: King Of The World
Описание: Ally with all NPC towns through Conquest or Diplomacy
Име: Humble Beginnings
Описание: Complete any of the tutorial scenarios
Име: Market Trader
Описание: Make 5000 gold profit at a town market in one visit