Illacrimo (1996)
Grieving Beauty
In a deep blue sea of her dwelling grief
She's breathing the pain that flows in her eyes

Like the deepest fear that you've always felt but never shown
And as you cover me with the wings of sorrow
I shiver from cold

My pain, my sorrow, it walks with me, it lives through me
Like the darkest moment of an autumn night that lives in me

"...Oh how beautiful she is
Dresses in the darkness of her heart..."
Down from heaven to our side
Fell the first dawn of light
Shadow that casts from mighty bird
Binds the skies to mother Earth

On the silent night of north
When spirits dance on winter skies
You can hear the wind talk
With the voices of the deads

River runs within me
River flows I'll breath
Lone wolves cry you're one with us
Like one of them I'm free

Be one with all the living things
Be one with all four wings
To mother Earth we belong to
Mun enni lii máttaráhku
Within My Last Hour
I've seen your heart turn into stone
So cold that my tears frozed
I've watched the fire die in your eyes
Fire that was once full of life

All my life I've hunged to my pride
Reprendance sets me on fire
Don't shed a tear for me
As I did cry for You

Within my last hour - would you hold my hand
Within my last hour - would you share my pain
Within my last hour - would you know my name
Within my last hour - would you hold my hand
Lores of the Mist
I wanted to see the moon
Touch the heaven's roof
More to know than I knew
My soul escaped from the Wolf
Máttaráhku kept her own
Mother Earth gave my skies
She brathed out my soul
More I see as one who flies

My kinsman the water
Deepriver my brother
My sister the Moonlight
Mother Mist of the night
Times to come she knows
Lightning stroke her soul
Eyes as blue as the rain
She is the Thunder's maid

As a raven in the skies
I saw the mighty Storm
Saw Seita throw his spears
The Thunder spoke with roar
His arms arose like waves
Into holy Ánar lake
"As I have took ten lives,
One gifted-one I'll make!"

He looked over earthground
He sought a place all day
A water woumb he found
On his sacrificial bay
With a witchcraft she was blessed
On a poor fisherman's boat
With the spirits she was dressed
I was silenced with an oath