SI.VM E.T A.V.VM (2001)
"It's like throwing oil into my flaming soul,
waking up at nights, alone, with memories of you..."
Don't leave me here
Don't leave me now,
While I'm breaking down
Don't push me away
Don't turn away like there's nothing to say

I am burning
I know it hurt's too much
I am yearning
I 'm longing for your touch

Don't look away
My life would be done,
If you'd be gone
Just let me stay
Just let me hold you here,
It's so cold and I fear...

I 'm still burning
I hurt you so much
I 'm still yearning
I 'm still longing for your touch

Tear after tear
Tear me apart
Tear after tear
Ripped me apart
Grieving Beauty (remake)
In a deep blue sea of her dwelling grief
She's breathing the pain that flows in her eyes

Like the deepest fear that you've always felt but never shown
And as you cover me with the wings of sorrow
I shiver from cold

My pain, my sorrow, it walks with me, it lives through me
Like the darkest moment of an autumn night that lives in me

"...Oh how beautiful she is
Dresses in the darkness of her heart..."
I Bleed for...
"... Alas, do not fear the wounds in my flesh,
but embrace me, for in my heart is the
wound that doeth the bleeding..."
Contemptio in nomen tuum
Incendere in infernus

Dance for me your last
Before I wither and die
Your shivering lips to me
It's for you I bleed

Cover me with beauty
As I carry my chains
I'm drowning in your cruelty
But lust rips my veins

Symphonia carnalis (bella et permunt hostilia)
In tenebrae aeternum (pulcher sicut tua)

Kiss away my tears
And I'll suffocate you
Awoke my fears
It's for you I bleed...

Hold this beast in thine arms - For christ
Don't fear my wounds and scars - I shall suffer
If wounded by a thousand swords - For you
It's still you I bleed for - I shall bleed
Lament (remake)
Alone and dressed by night
cold winds were filled with fright
And I, the woeful wonderer, with sin upon my shoulders
Would you show me how to feel, how to hurt and how to bleed
Like the rose thorns through my heart, Every moment rips me apart

I would give my everything, if I could fly, if I had wings
And when I end my mortal days, you'll be flying above my grave

My mortal child of night, you'll be gone by first dawn light
As I saw you in my dreams, my angel with broken wings
Let me rest upon your arms, safe from world and safe from harms
Like the blaze of thousand sunsets, that sears upon your soul

My darling before you came,
my days were dark and filled with pain
But there's time for every flame,
to burn out in the dark...

One day my fallen one, you'll spread your wings and learn to fly
My tears lament you're gone, you'll combrace the open sky